Women of Diverse Origins
March 8 Committee of Women of Diverse Origins – a collective of grassroots women’s organizations from a dozen different cultural communities in Montreal. We have been organizing a yearly International Women’s Day event for the past nine years. We have brought in speakers from around the world, women rooted in daily struggles against war, violence, and for women’s and human rights and social progress. We have shared our own experiences and have widened our horizons and our understanding. We have strengthened links locally and internationally and wish to solidify these in an International Women’ s Alliance.

Gabriela Philippines
Gabriela Philippines is another convener of this conference. It is the most important women’s umbrella organization in the Philippines representing 200 groups with over 100,000 members. Gabriela has been an inspiration world-wide for grassroots organizing of women, and has taken its struggle from the Parliament of the streets to within official Parliamentary institutions. The Gabriela Women’s Partylist has two representatives in the Philippine Congress.

Red Género y Economía México
Red Género y Economía México is a coalition of women`s groups across Mexico that fosters global resistances to the neoliberal model, from a feminist perspective. The coalition`s objective is to develop analyses of the contributions women make to the political economy. They fight for the recognition of women as economic actors to advance their rights and fight against discrimination and equality.

The Women Fightback Network
The Women Fightback network is based in the United States and they believe in a vibrant, strong, independent women’s movement led by a multinational group of women who represent the most oppressed workers and poor people, young and old, lesbian, transgender, and straight. They want to build a women’s movement independent of capitalist interests and their big-business political parties is essential. They believe that the great victories of women’s liberation in the past have been won not by the vote, but by mass action and organizing. When women act, they become stronger and more confident. The isolation and alienation of sexism, racism and lbgt oppression is broken down and women become a powerful force for change.

Asian Rural Women`s Network
The Asian Rural Women`s Network are a mix of national and regional groups who are strong advocates of women’s rights and working with rural and indigenous women communities on issues of trade, food and agriculture, labour, reproductive health, and women’s rights. The groups are a combination of people’s organisations, NGOs and formations involved in organising and mobilising women peasants, Dalits, fisherfolk, indigenous women, agricultural workers, child labourers, consumers and migrant workers. These organisations are also working on campaign and policy advocacy on women’s issues at the local, national and regional levels providing crucial recommendations in asserting rural and indigenous women’s rights.

The Action Network for Women`s Rights and Empowerment is based in Taiwan and works to empower marriage migrants to protect themselves against domestic violence, unjust and discriminatory migration law and racism. Ammore works actively to strengthen its links with other international women`s groups to raise awareness of the issues of marriage migrants and defend their sector from the onslaught of repressive policies both in the host as well the home countries.


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