To Register/S’inscrire

To register (in English)

Pour s’incrire en français


13 Responses to To Register/S’inscrire

  1. Elsa Cubas says:

    My name is Elsa Cubas, I,m a member of Grassroot Women, Manitoba and the group wishes to send me as a representative to the Montreal Conference.
    I,m a Latinoamerican emmigrated to Canada and have a dual citizenship.
    Please send a Registration form and
    information about accomodation close to the Conference site.
    Some modest hotel close by?

  2. RENEE CASTRO - POZO says:

    I would like to attend to this Conference. It will be my first in Canada because I
    attended several international convention in the 80’s and one in La Habana Cuba
    in the 90’s. I’m socialist. I’m here for political asylum since nine years ago. I was persecuted for my ideas and work in favor of women the most poor and illiterate segment in Peruvian society.
    Here I belong to Women’s Events Committee of Peterborough; Raging Grannies;
    Artistic Director Multicultural Canada Day Show; “Hola Amigos” biweekly program
    in Trent Radio, in Spanish; and other activities.

    • miwc2010 says:

      Dear Renee Castro-Pozo,

      We are happy you have found out about the conference and will be thrilled to have you with us. We will have several speakers from Latin America and many women who are socialists.
      Please register on the site at:

      You can pay the registration fee on line. There is comfortable lodging available on the conference site. The registration fee with lodging covers it.

      Looking forward to meeting you

  3. RENEE CASTRO - POZO says:

    With Rita Granda, official translator we are translating from Spanish to English:
    “FLORA TRISTAN, PRECURSORA” Magda Portal author. This was my first book
    I published in my editorial LA EQUIDAD, IN LIMA-PERU.

    • miwc2010 says:

      Hello Renee,

      We will have several women journalists with us, including the women from Las Perlas del mar alternative web network, who will be covering the conference. I am sure they will want to speak with you about your work.

  4. Elsa Cubas says:

    I,m a member of Grassroot Women, Manitoba and will represent it at the conference.
    Being a woman from Latinamerica emigrated to Canada because of political presecution I,m very mucho interesed in havin a overview of women,s struggles in the world.

    • miwc2010 says:

      Dear Elsa,
      Our conference will be a unique opportunity to hear from women all over the world who are involved in the front lines of struggles on many issues, and in many sectors. The keynote speaker, Liza Masa, and the other plenary speakers will be giving an overview of women’s struggles in the international context. The workshops also will feature wonderful resource people from all regions of the world and from local areas. Please visit the blog site for the biographies of the speakers. I’m sure you will be excited as we are to hear them and exchange with them. More will be posted soon.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if there’s any way to pay online for only 2 days? I’m not able to stay for Monday. Thanks very much!

  6. Mary Jane Metatawabin says:

    submit interest to attend yet I am homeless in my own community; an aboriginal community of over 600 people. I have been waiting since 2007 for my house to be renovated due to the mold contamination. I am now homeless someone set arson to my home. I am not the only victim..there are other women who have faced repeated racism and discrimination in their own northern communities..who will help?

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